The Dexter Cattle eJournal

This new eJournal format is definitely a big change from our printed version of The Dexter Cattle Journal magazine. Everyone loved the printed version of The Journal, so why the switch?

The mission of PDCA is to “Preserve and promote the Dexter breed”. And members have made it perfectly clear that they expect PDCA to use their collective membership and registration dollars to market Dexters on a national level to increase the demand for Dexters.

Unfortunately, the expense to produce and mail The Journal four times a year requires a significant proportion of the association's cash flow– meaning… after The Journal… there’s not much left to market the breed. That’s a dilemma!

The printed Journal was a “members only” publication. Its purpose was to educate, inform and hopefully inspire our members, but did it do anything to promote Dexters and increase demand? Well… if it is sitting on your coffee table (or worse)… the answer is no.

So what’s the fix? The Dexters Today eJournal - where we can affordably provide our members with allot more interesting, timely, relevant, share-able, content and at the same time reach more would-be Dexter owners than we ever could with our printed Journal.

So, give it a little time as we grow the content with podcasts, videos, relevant merchandise, coupons, incentives, etc. and… let us know what you think.

Remember… We work for YOU!

Ps. PDCA has other projects in the works that we think you’re gonna love, so… stay tuned.

We work for YOU!

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