Standard Registration

Standard Registration Fee - $ 20 ($5 discount for self-print certificate option) Registration Requirement Animal to be registered must be an offspring of a registered Sire and registered Dam Accepted Registries
Purebred Dexter Cattle Association American Dexter Cattle Association Legacy Dexter Cattle Registry Canadian Livestock Records Corporation The acceptance other foreign registries is at the discretion of the Registrar Click here to Register Click here for Print Form


Transfer Fee - $20 Selling a registered Dexter?

  1. Fill out the buyer information on the back of the registration certificate. Be sure to sign and date it.
  2. Submit an online transfer to record buyer as new Recorded Owner
Who can submit a Transfer?
Recorded Owner shown on front of certificate (seller) or New Owner listed on back of certificate (buyer)


Notifications are important and... they're FREE Record of Birth Provides an accurate fertility history of a Dam showing all her purebred offspring, not just her registered offspring Record Of Death Keeps the Registry up to date helping to prevent inaccurate/fraudulent registrations Termination of Ownership Removes your name as the recorded owner of an animal Maybe you sold an animal without submitting a Transfer and the buyer never bothered to transfer it into their name... YOU are still the recorded owner. A Termination of Ownership removes your name (and potential liability) as the recorded owner

Frequestly Asked Questions

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Certified Registration

Certified Registration Fee - $ 20 ($5 discount for self-print certificate option) Intent of Certified Registration To encourage genetic testing that will facilitate breeders in making good breeding decisions in order to avoid unexpected complications resulting from unknowingly breeding two PHA positive or Chondro positive animals together Certified Registration Requirements Meet Standard Registration requirement Show proof of Genotyping, Chondro status and PHA status Ways to provide the proof needed By testing the animal to be registered for all of the above, or by Obligate Status: Must be genotyped and parent verified to a tested (or obligate) Sire and Dam

Tattoo Year Letters

2018 - F 2019 - G 2020 - H 2021 - J 2022 - K


Registration is important. We encourage it by making it quick, easy and affordable