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Goodbye Craigslist - Hello Dexter Marketplace

Goodbye Craigslist - hello Dexter Marketplace: the new online hub to connect buyers and Dexter breeders.

The Dexter Marketplace has a lot more to offer Dexter breeders than a one-time ad in one locale. More importantly, there is information and inspiration about the benefits that Dexters bring to a family farm or as a family business.

The nationwide Breeder directory makes it easier for a buyer to find YOU, no matter where you live and Breeder profiles allow a buyer to learn about you, your farm and breeding focus, and see feedback ratings from previous buyers.

For the first time cattle owner, there are "Tips" and "How-To's" to get them off to a good start.

For the more experienced Dexter breeder looking for very specific traits or bloodlines, the Advanced Search is a time saver.

And for any breeder wanting to "up their game", there are "Tips" to help improve both online and on-farm sales.

The Dexter Marketplace was created for all Dexter owners because it's not about where your Dexter is registered, or if your Dexter is registered. It's about Dexter owners uniting for a common cause - promoting Dexters. Because no matter how, or where or by whom... when DexterS are promoted, all Dexter owners benefit.

Your investment in listing or advertising on The Dexter Marketplace is 100% reinvested in promoting and expanding the market for Dexter cattle using internet and social media marketing as well as an aggressive article writing campaign to accompany selective print advertising.

So... the more breeders use The Dexter Marketplace to sell their Dexters, the more funds are available to spend on marketing Dexters, which means more sales for breeders. Win-win.


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