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Selling Your Farm Products The Easy Way

Most Dexter owners are more than cattle breeders, we are small farmers. We get joy from raising or producing products made from our farms. Besides selling our most recent annual crop of Dexters for breeding stock we often have surplus Dexter beef, eggs, veggies or even artisanal foods or crafts that could easily be an excellent source of income IF we had the time (or desire) to market and sell those products.

So what's a small farmer, who might only have a limited amount or seasonal product(s) to sell at any given point in time and who would rather be “farming” and not “selling” to do?

Sell your goods at a farmers market or an on-site farm stand? Oh, heck no! There is another option. A much better way to sell that is easy, affordable and convenient for both you and your would-be customers: Create an easy to build, easy to use online farm store at Eat From

Now don't go a runnin'!... We're not talking about creating an ecommerce business here. No, no, no!! Just an easy, affordable way to make selling and buying easy - no online marketing, no advertising, no shipping products (although you certainly could if you wanted to.)

Eat From is a prebuilt online selling platform with the features every small farmer needs to sell their goods easily. And best part... it's very affordable to use. For only $15 per month plus a small "per transaction" fee you can have the convenience of your own online farm store that is accessible to your customers using their computers or their cell phones to shop whenever they want, pay by credit card, and coordinate pick-ups or deliveries.

Specifically designed with us non-tech farmer types in mind... it is VERY small farmer friendly to use and George (the guy who created it) will personally help you should you feel that any part of the setup process is above your pay grade.

Actually… Eat From has already built your farm store for you - you just need to personalize it with your name and products.

First, check it out at Eat From

Then give it a test drive a demo farm store

Now remember... we are small farmers, so don’t be crazy using good outside daylight hours to do this personalizing part… do this at night, or when bad weather keeps you inside, or when you are stuck with a little down time, etc. And whether or not you have a specific product available right now or not, (like a side of beef that won't be butchered until fall)... include it in your products as marketing, to pre-sell and get deposits in advance.

So... where to find customers? Understand that you have products that many people want but usually have no easy access to: foods that are healthy for both body and soul, authentically, humanely and meticulously raised on your farm. Share your online farm store with friends and family and let them share your site with their friends and family, and so on, and so on. Word of mouth referrals are not just free, they are your very best form of advertising!! Before ya know it... you'll be sold out and a have a few extra dollars to boot.


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