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KIDS AND CHORES. IT JUST MAKES ME FEEL ALL WARM AND FUZZY INSIDE.  Over the years my kids have learned that chores are just a part of life, a part of helping the family and making their contribution. We don’t pay for chores in our house. If our kids want to make some extra money, then they can ask to do additional jobs. They happily do their regular chores, and we rarely have to force them, simply because they know they don’t get to do anything fun until their chores are done. They also carry the responsibility of the lives and well being of the animals, which keeps them in check. (I oversee the care of the animals, but they “think” they carry this responsibility, which I think is important) Currently, our 8 year old’s chores are to milk the goats each morning, feed & water the goats each morning, unloading the dishwasher each morning, then she is also responsible for keeping her room clean. In the evening she gathers the eggs. On the weekends she gives her dog a bath and does all her own laundry from start to finish. Lydia also helps plan the meals and goes grocery shopping with me. (although I don’t think she counts this as a chore, the girl loves food!) Currently, our 10 year old’s chores are to milk the goats each night, feed & water the chickens, fix any problems with the goat/chicken pens, assess/look for signs of chicken predators, load the dishwasher each morning, then he’s responsible for keeping his room clean, and feeding & watering the dogs. He also mows the front lawn twice a month. On the weekends he gives his dog a bath and does all his own laundry from start to finish.  Paid jobs in our household are to rake up leaves, pick up fallen branches in the yard, clean the car, do the parent’s laundry or the towels laundry, organizing things like DVDs or the game closet, any other spring cleaning-like jobs, etc. They also do jobs for the grandparents to make money (although we think those grandparents pay way too much – wink wink)


  • Gather eggs

  • Brush goats

  • Pick up sticks in the yard

  • Pick up rocks in the garden

Ages 4-5:

  • All of the above, plus…

  • Feed small animals

  • Bottle feed animals

  • Plant seeds

  • Water garden

  • Sweep patio

Ages 6-7:

  • All of the above, plus…

  • Water animals

  • Rake leaves

  • Weed garden

  • Wash the windows

  • Hang laundry on the clothesline

  • Sweep the porch/garage

  • Unload/load dishwasher

Ages 8-9:

  • All of the above, plus…

  • Harvest fruit & vegetables

  • Feed larger animals

  • Milk goats

  • Shovel snow

  • Paint a fence

  • Give small animals a bath.

Ages 10-11:

  • All of the above, plus…

  • Milk cows

  • Organize tools

  • Give animals baths/trim hooves of small animals

Ages 12 & up:

  • All of the above, plus…

  • Trim hooves of large animals

  • Help deliver baby animals

  • Trim yard

  • Till the garden

  • Maintain bicycles 



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