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Add income - Add a Farm Stay

Got an extra bedroom, a bunk house in the barn converted to accommodate overnighting? Or how about a teepee, yurt or vintage trailer for an truly unique experience?

In our increasingly stressed-out, plugged-in lives, a holiday that takes you away from the madding crowds is always going to be welcomed by the responsible and curious traveler.

The growth of agrotourism hasn't happened overnight, but has developed over the past two decades, as tourists have become better educated about travel and more altruistic in how they spend their time and money. And a growing interest in small farming, humane animal husbandry and artisinal products combined with the fact many of us are living more urbanised lives, means some of us are turning to agrotourism as a way of educating ourselves on holiday, while contributing to small-scale projects, such as organic farms, or helping to support craftspeople.

Farm Stay USA is an online reservation/marketing site designed to connect visitors to Farm Stays. Depending on the farm, hosting capacity can vary from only one visitor, up to many including their farm venue for special events. Some offer hand-on experience and even workshops - an opportunity generate even more revenue.

From the Farm Stay USA website:

Farm vacations are well known around the world but not so for many Americans. While farmers markets bring fresh food to the city, farm stays invite guests to stay overnight in the country and experience the lifestyle - for a night, for a weekend, or more.

With lodging ranging from rustic to luxury and from farm houses to tents, there is an experience for everyone looking for connections to their food, fresh air, and the countryside. It’s about the rural experience and putting a personal face and story to farming. Find the right Farm Stay experience for you and your family today!

Also on Farm Stay USA also answers some basic questions about hosting a Farm Stay

  • I'm thinking of adding a farm stay. Where do I start?

  • What kind of accommodations are expected for a farm stay?

  • What do guests expect from a farm or ranch vacation?

  • Where can I find a farm stay mentor to help answer my questions?

Farm Stay Business Questions

  • What's the best way to handle reservations?

  • Is there a common demographic for farm stay guests?

  • What do I need to know about allowing children?

  • Do I need to offer breakfast?

  • Do I need my own website?

  • Social Media. Do I need this??


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