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Introducing The DexStar Breed Improvement Program

PDCA announces the first Irish Dexter cattle performance testing initiative in the U.S.

Named the “DexStar Breed Improvement Program”, the goal is to provide Dexter breeders and buyers with the ability to select animals using data collected through specific genetic testing. “Irish Dexter cattle are historically a dual purpose breed, so both beef and dairy production traits will be evaluated” said Ron Metz, association Vice President. “Breeders and buyers will have information backed by genomic testing to base their decisions on. They will no longer have to rely on anecdotal claims.” He said. “I am excited about the potential to improve and elevate the Dexter breed. The goal is not to change the breed, defeating the entire point of why you would choose a Dexter, but to identify animals with superior traits and validate their excellent qualities” says Laura Christofk, PDCA President. According to Metz, who is spearheading the program, DexStar will be a voluntary program open to all Dexter breeders wanting to participate. However, there will be some requirements. Cattle being tested must be registered with the PDCA and owners will be required to be PDCA members. Participating Dexters will also be required to be parent verified. “Many breeds of livestock utilize genetic based performance testing” said Metz. “In keeping with our motto “we work for YOU!”, Dexter owners will soon be able to benefit from using this valuable tool.” More details to come Ron Metz PDCA Vice President (806) 778-2033


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