What makes PDCA special?

We have two jobs

Promote Dexters


Make owning Dexters easy

We believe that any policy that makes owning Dexters more difficult

​has gotta go!

We work for YOU!



Whether you are showing Dexters in the Stockyards at the biggest cattle show in the US or just in your own yard...

It's our job to help you promote Dexters.

Our website is designed to be your sales tool and complimentary marketing materials are available to make a lasting impression.

We are proud that we complete animal registrations and ownership transfers within days of submission using our easy online forms.

We are proud that our registry is now the most complete Dexter cattle registry available, preserving the pedigrees of all registered Dexters and their offspring in North America.


We are proud that our registration certificates provide a complete record including genetic testing and all non-PDCA registration numbers within each pedigree.

We are determined to encourage registration by keeping it easy and affordable. 

But, we are more than

a cattle registry!

Quick, easy and affordable registrations and transfers
Online resources to help make owning, buying and selling Dexters easier.
Complimentary Dexter
marketing materials
The Dexter Cattle Journal, a quarterly printed publication, 
designed especially for members to be a current resource of information, education and opportunities to share, learn, and contribute to the future of this rare and special cattle breed.

Purebred Dexter Cattle Association

of North America

500 Westover Drive Suite 13489

Sanford, NC 27330

(844) PDCA-NOW


We work for YOU!