What is a webinar?   

It is basically a live online seminar.


Who attends a webinar? 

Busy men and women from all over the map that seek to know more, seek fresh idea, or seek inspiration from proven experts.


What is unique about webinars?

They are interactive – meaning, the host (person giving the webinar) interacts with the audience (those that are viewing) in real time. Although the host is the only one visible on screen, the audience is visible in two ways:  as the number of viewers, and individually if an attendee posts a greetings, comment, or question in the interactive chat column.
At a recent webinar hosted by Charolotte Smith, there were a total of 389 live viewers. Before the webinar started, a handful of people posted a quick “HI from ___” revealing viewers from NE, NY, MO, IA, KS, VT, CA, MA, VA, KY, FL, IL, British Columbia, Ontario and Ottawa Canada and the UK! 


Why a webinar?

With a webinar, a person has direct access to the host who is a professional in their field.  The host begins a webinar as expert and teacher, but end as a consultant answering specific questions in the Q and A time.
You do not need to travel, take time away from work or the farm- all ya gotta do is hop on your computer or smartphone.  And if the live time and date is not an option, the replay can be viewed at your convenience.


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