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Why Larry Haggard Chose Dexter Cattle

Larry Haggard

Wabi Sabi Farm
Edwards, Mississippi

I’ve had other breeds of cattle: Beefmasters, Angus, etc.  Two of my sons currently raise commercial cattle with a mix of Herefords, Brahmas, Angus, and Brangus.  They’re okay for commercial ranchers.

                But, I read about Dexters back in the ‘70’s.  I fell in love with the idea of a smaller animal but never found anybody who had some.  In 2011, I saw an ad on Craigslist for 2 Dexter heifers and a Dexter bull up in North Mississippi. I fell in love with them instantly.

I bought them in February of 2011 and in March, one of the heifers had her first calf. The other heifer had her calf in October. Both little bulls. The next year, they had one heifer and one bull.  I had Dexter fever by that time. I began buying more and more. In 2016 I was up to 20 head. 

I have had to downsize recently (due to my COPD) and now I’ve got 2 older cows, 2 first calf heifers, 4 young heifers, 3 steers, and 2 ½ bulls (I own half interest in a bull). Now I’m focusing on shorties (my favorites). 

                I’m gonna take my grandson-in-law in as a partner so I can continue to keep them. I LOVE my Dexters. Also, my wife, Eve, loves them, too.  My two sons do not love them.  But they do like to eat them.  All the steer calves are fattened up and given to my family for their freezers.

That’s my story.

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