The Registry

Registration Requirements

Deliberately simple and no late fees

Standard Registration requires the Sire and Dam be registered with PDCA, ADCA, Legacy or Canadian Livestock Records Corporation.

The acceptance of animals registered in other foreign registries is at the discretion of the Registrar.

No genetic testing is required.


Certified Registration

In addition to meeting the Standard Registration requirement and animal must show proof of

  1. Genotyping

  2. Chondro status

  3. PHA status


There are two different ways to provide the proof needed:


  1. By testing the animal to be registered for all of the above

  2. By Obligate Status; which requires the animal to be registered to be genotyped so that it may be parent verified to a tested  (or obligate) Sire and Dam


The intent of Certified Registration

is to encourage genetic testing that will help breeders to make wise breeding pair decisions and avoid potentially lethal outcomes


See FAQ's for more about genetic testing and lethal genes

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