Zoom Meat-ing: Mobile Slaughtering & On-Farm Solutions

January 14, 2021, 12 pm-1 pm - Virtual Zoom Workshop

Farmer & Processor Perspectives

WFU is planning a “Winter Meat-ings” series on solutions to meat processing struggles in the state. “Meat Processing Infrastructure was one of the Special Orders of Business set by the grassroots membership at our 2020 convention, and it’s an issue that has become even more critical in light of the supply chain struggles around the pandemic,” said Wisconsin Farmers Union President Darin Von Ruden. “This series will give farmers, processors, rural leaders, and other stakeholders a chance to come together in search of creative solutions.”

Further details and panelists announcements coming soon!

The Winter Meat-ing Series includes 5 total events. Please register for each event individually. Future dates and topics include: ·

  • January 14: Mobile Slaughtering & On-Farm Solutions

  • January 28: Creative Cooperative & Community Solutions

  • February 11: State & Federal Policy Solutions

  • March 11: Labor Struggles & Solutions

Event Contact Kirsten Slaughter, Wisconsin Farmers Union, 608-514-2031

e-mail: kslaughter@wisconsinfarmersunion.com

RSVP to Kirsten Slaughter, 608-514-2031

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