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Meet PDCA's New Vice President

PDCA members unanimously elected Ron Metz to take the reins as PDCA vice president and the Board of Directors made it official on April 8, 2021

Laura Christofk, PDCA president says," I feel PDCA is very lucky to have someone with Ron's enthusiasm, willingness, experience and expertise serving on our board and helping our members.”

Ron has an extensive background in cattle. He grew up on his family's dairy farms, has raised commercial beef cattle and has worked in many different professional aspects of the mainstream cattle industry. His credentials and experience are pretty amazing actually (see Experience below).

Three+ years ago Ron stumbled across Dexters. Although he could not find any hard data to substantiate the anecdotal claims he read about the breed, he was intrigued at the potential advantages Dexters might bring to his own grass-fed beef operation in Littlefield, Texas and has been building his Dexter herd ever since.

Ron became a member of PDCA in Oct 2019 and began unofficially serving the PDCA board in an advisory capacity since Dec 2019.

A life-long cattleman, Ron is continually surprised that such a useful breed as Dexters is relatively unknown to most in the cattle world and is chomping at the bit to change that. He sees BIG potential in our Dexters and is ready, willing and able to devote his expertise to help grow the Dexter breed and the PDCA by expanding into other untapped markets.

"There is no debate that Dexters are great for homesteaders, but they are also an excellent option for other larger markets:  specifically grass-fed beef and artisan dairy producers who are looking for alternatives to improve their product, their bottom line and even their quality of life with a lower maintenance breed."

Ron’s Applicable Experience:

  • Grew up working on family owned dairies.

  • Graduate Texas A&M University, BS Animal Science.

  • Certified Artificial Insemination Technician through Texas A&M University and ABS Global

  • Worked for Texas A&M Dairy 3 years. Milking and research herd consisting of 160 head of Holsteins and Jerseys. Herd and crop management

  • Skrivanek Polled Hereford Ranch 3 years. Herd and ranch management

  • Assistant Manager Medina Valley Genetics. Bull stud, embryo transfer and A.I. Services. Worked with all registered beef and dairy breeds. International sales of embryos and semen. Taught artificial insemmination schools.

  • Organized first International Ear Cattle Conference promoting Brahman/ continental based synthetic breeds. Attendees from North, Central and South America.

  • Account Executive, Reata Advertising. Serviced agribusiness, farm and ranch accounts.

  • Director of Association Services International Zebu Breeders Association(IZBA). Promoted to Executive Vice President. All aspects of breed association business, marketing, sales and promotions

  • Marketing consultant American Bralers Association. Worked with board to promote and develop markets for the breed.

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