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Let's Talk Dexters - Moving Forward

Written By Ron Metz, President, PDCA

January 15, 2022

Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Laura Christofk (outgoing PDCA president.) Laura and I have spent many hours talking about the PDCA, the future direction of the association and the Dexter breed. During that time I quickly came to realize she is a passionate defender and promoter of our breed, our association and our membership.

Laura is a tireless generator of ideas on how to promote Dexter cattle and better serve the membership. Many times she has put forth ideas faster than I could assimilate them. She has taken on duties outside of her role as President when there was no one else available to get the job done. Laura stepped up and made the commitment to take over as President of the PDCA when it was at a low point. Through her leadership, the PDCA is once again stable and on a positive trajectory. After years of hard work she is now able to hand over the reins of a transformed and once again growing association. The PDCA Board and membership owe her a huge debt of gratitude. Please join me in thanking Laura Christofk for her unwavering dedication to the PDCA and the Dexter breed.

As I look toward 2022 and the future of our association, I am confident about the direction PDCA is headed. New programs have been put in place that will increase the value of our cattle, open new markets, increase the scope and efficiency of member services and grow the breed.

Laura is not stepping down, she is stepping sideways. She will be the new Director of

Communications, a responsibility she has the passion and unique talents for.

Our registry is in the very competent hands of Deb Botruff, our extraordinary registrar. Deb works tirelessly to provide excellent registration and customer service for our members. Because of her efficiency, dedication and hard work our breed registry is clean, accurate and up to date. Thank you Deb!

A while back we adopted the motto “We work for YOU!”. As your President, I will strive to

provide leadership that embodies that commitment. I am happy to report today the PDCA is in good hands and on solid ground. From myself and the PDCA board, we wish all our members a very prosperous and happy new year.

Ron Metz, President, PDCA


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