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DexStar Enrollment Began January 15th

January 15th , PDCA opened enrollment for Dexter breeders/owners wanting to enroll females in the DexStar Breed Improvement Program. Breeders participating in DexStar must be members of PDCA and females entered in the program must be registered with PDCA. Enrollment is easy and free, however the genetic testing will have fees associated with the test. The cost of those fees will be made available to participants when finalized.

To enroll: Contact Deb Botruff, PDCA Registrar at and provide the following information:

  • Name of farm/ranch, owner’s name(s), mailing address, email address and phone number. Contact information will appear on a list of PDCA breeders promoting their participating in DexStar.

  • Name, registration number and date of birth for each female you are entering Females of any age can be entered in DexStar. If female is a calf, phenotype evaluations/scoring will begin at a specified age. Genetic testing for beef and milk quality traits, when they become available, can be done at any age from birth through adulthood.

  • Genotype case number for each female entered. Genotyping of each female is required. If female is a calf, genotype case number should be submitted as soon as available

  • Name of sire and dam for each female entered and their genotype case numbers only if available. Genotype case numbers will facilitate parent verification when applicable.

  • Parent verification is needed (if case numbers are available) to link an individual female’s testing data with her parents thereby demonstrating the production and performance potential passed on by her parents and their bloodlines. Genotyping combined with performance testing data and parent verification will identify and increase the value of top performing females, the bloodlines that produced them and ultimately your herd.

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