It's 2020!

We are "upping our game" 
with two BIG projects

You're gonna LOVE!

Cyber lingo term  meaning: User Experience
The goal of UX design is to create easy, efficient, relevant and all-round pleasant experiences for the online user


Coming Soon



We are designing a private DASHBOARD just for you to provide the best UX possible. 

It will streamline and simplify everything you do here at PDCA. It will allow you to update your info, your herd, see your transactions and payment history, auto fill forms and notifications, offer some very cool herd management-record keeping functions and even a few selling features that we think you’re gonna love.

Your new DASHBOARD will also automate and simplify membership renewal based on when you actually join or last renew  replacing the previous July 1 – June 30 membership cycle.

But this upgrade project is about more than handy bells and whistles...  it's about providing the most accurate and secure registry and membership database possible.

... stay tuned

We'll let you know as soon as it’s ready.

interesting articles

inspiring stories

timely information

and useful ideas

for Dexter owners

The Dexter Cattle eJournal

Members have told us over and over that they enjoy the content in The Dexter Cattle Journal

But members have also made it perfectly clear that they expect PDCA to market Dexters on a national level to increase the demand for Dexters


So we are going to try a new approach that hope will to both – and better

Dexters Today will function as both a marketing tool for the breed and a resource for the experienced breeder, the new breeder and the wanta-be breeder

A monthly email blast will tempt Dexters Today subscribers with a handful of bite-sized samplings of the freshest eJournal content each with a read more link. Content categories include: Herd Health, Breeding, Genetics, Raising Beef, Pasture, Dairy, Farm Hacks, Farmerpreneur, Inspire

The Dexters Today website will host a reference center of current and past content and feature relevant products and services, events calendar, How-to Cattle Guides and eventually a classifieds area easily accessed from your DASHBOARD to make it easy sell Dexters

Subscriptions will be free-

and content is intended to be shared

This very BIG project  will launch at the same time as the new DASHBOARDS

so... stay tuned

We're excited - we hope you are too

Thank you for your patience

As always... contact us anytime

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