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Testing is now required by every Dexter cattle registry except PDCA. So why not follow the herd?

The priority of the PDCA is to preserve the historical and diverse genetics of the Dexter breed; not limit the breeds potential by disqualifying purebred animals because of the financial inability or willingness of its owner, or for not being able to verified parentage. Animals die, are sold, are eaten, etc... and sometimes it is impossible to acquire the DNA needed to parent verify.  So rather than kick perfectly good purebred Dexter genetics out of the "gene pool" for no fault of their own, we say... stay!

Tested or untested, parent verified or not... it's no secret; all is recorded on our Registration Certificates. We'll let YOU decide what has value.

Understanding exactly what "testing" is and is not will help you decide what value it has for you. 


See FAQ's "What testing is and is not" for more

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