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Policy Changes

Include genetic testing Previously, the policy for a Registry to Registry transfer was to issue a PDCA registration certificate with identical information to the ADCA or Legacy registration certificate provided. No edits – no changes. But we are finding that many older registered animals have since been genetic ally tested for a variety of things that are not included on the ADCA or Legacy certificates.  Previously, adding the test results required resubmitting another “Certificate Change” form.  PDCA aims to make registering and owning Dexters easy – so that policy needs to go! Now, new members that are transferring their herds into the PDCA registry can upload testing results in the online Registry to Registry Transfer form so their new PDCA registration certificate is fully up to date.

Steer registration  Currently, there are zero steers registered in the PDCA database. Why might someone want/need to register a steer? Registration is usually required to show cattle, or to have a complete record of offspring to prove the reproductive performance of a dam. Previously, all PDCA registrations were  - $20, but for an animal that you will eventually eat?...   The PDCA board is considering adding a reduced fee Steer Registration to be emailed as a PDF self print certificate showing only: animal ID #, DOB, PDCA registered sire info, PDCA registered dam info, and current owner info which would meet most fair show requirements.  A decision will be made soon, so comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Area 3 gets a new manager

The PDCA board welcomes Michael Mendenhall onto the Board as Area 3 Regional Manager. The strength of the PDCA board is due to the variety of viewpoints represented in the decision making process. Michael’s preservationist perspective will give voice to others breeders that share that passion, ensuring that NO DEXTER GETS LEFT BEHIND. Michael and his wife Joanne are very active promoters of Dexters and PDCA is blessed to have their commitment, determination, optimism and professional skill sets on our team.

Make a Difference

PDCA is looking for a few  people with fresh ideas to serve as Area Managers for regions 1,5,7 

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Still updating Bylaws

The PDCA Board has been working on updating our Bylaws since November (!) and still…. They are not quite done yet.  Oh, so close though. The goal is short , sweet, and ensure ultimate power is in the hands of the membership – not the Board by including a “Rights of the Membership”, where transparency, access and participation are ensured. We need to get it “right.” Soon.


It is great to see how many members have requested our complimentary Dexter brochures. The feedback after the various events has been wonderful, not to mention profitable. There are three testimonials in this issue that we hope will encourage and inspire you to get your Dexters out in the public.

Survey says...
Responses to the brief survey on our membership new or renew form indicate that PDCA needs to prioritize marketing Dexters on your behalf. One of the best ways to do this is to help YOU, equip YOU, and support YOU in marketing your Dexters.  In addition to providing articles about ways to improve YOUR sales, PDCA is excited to be hosting a WEBINAR with Charlotte Smith (see her article “Farm Events” on page 14) in October that will focus on creating a profitable business strategy unique to your situation and goals. Charlotte’s marketing methods and ideas are simple and easy to implement, yet can produce amazing results. Date and details will be announced in the Fall issue and members will also receive a “shout out” email when the details are confirmed.

HONK, HONK - It's renewal time

July 1st is membership renewal time. It’s easy to renew and pay online. To show our appreciation for renewing you will receive a conversation starter, promotional ad and way to express your pride all in one…  bumper sticker. And it’s another way to get Dexters out into the public. Renew NOW and we all win.

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