The Importance of First Impressions… and 5 ways to make sure yours is a positive one

Make A Positive Impression

The great thing about showing or exhibiting your Dexters at a public venue is the opportunity to meet people who are seeking to know more about Dexters. It is these seekers, or someone they know, that will likely buy stock from you in the future if their experience with you was a positive one.

There is a saying that goes: “You only get one chance to make a first impression.”


Keep in mind, every time you show or exhibit your Dexters, even if you never leave your farm, is an opportunity to make an impression. Everything from the quality and condition of your animals, the cleanliness of your specific area, the creativity of your educational or marketing table, as well as you – yourself, your knowledge-ability and willingness to share are all factors in creating an impression- good or bad.

Make a Lasting Impression

Once you have made a great first impression, the best thing to do is make a lasting impression. This is done with literature: business cards are critical, but another excellent marketing tool for promoting, both Dexters in general and your farm specific, is with a quality brochure – something people can take and read later – that is both informational and a physical reminder of their encounter with you.

Brochures are sales tools and you need them.

PDCA has designed a brochure about a few of the benefits of Dexter cattle with a warm invitation to learn more about them from YOU. A place for your name and contact info are incorporated into the design.

These color brochures are complimentary to PDCA members, so plan ahead, take advantage of the opportunity, and make a great lasting impression.

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