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Why Leora Baldwin Chose Dexter Cattle

Leora Baldwin

Medina, Ohio


I started out reading about heritage breeds of cattle because I wanted to raise my own beef. At the time I was a stay at home step-mom with a 100 acre farm we were taking care of/renting from my parents. We had horses and had been raising pasture broilers for a few years so I felt ready. I found a book (I'm sorry I can't remember the title...) that focused on lesser known, small breed and miniature cattle. The breed profile of the Dexter really caught my eye because they were described as a dual purpose breed that was very adaptable and hardy. Their small size made them easy to manage and a good fit for small-scale producers. I told my dad about these breed characteristics and I guess he thought they sounded like a good fit.

I've had 3 Dexter cows for 4 years now and I really enjoy them. They graze from April to November and do excellent even on 'rough' pasture. They are so easy to keep - I never deworm or vaccinate or have other health issues. I don't milk my cows but they have produced some great beef animals for me- that's undoubtedly their best trait, great tasting meat on a small frame. I usually sell 1- 3 steers per year (grass-fed/organic ) and my customers love that a half or split half is the perfect amount of beef for small families and freezers. It is usually my selling point. I've had such good luck with growth on my steers even though I don't really manage them as well as I'd like! Again, they are very low maintenance! I have a 2-year-old son now so I don't have the time or energy to do everything I want to, but these cows fit my lifestyle even now and I definitely see them as part of our farm for many years to come.

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