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Why Jimmie Bauer Chose Dexter Cattle

Jimmie Bauer

Moon Over The Mojave
Lucerne Valley, California

I raised Aberdeen Angus, what is now referred to as "native Angus". I went to Bank of America and at age 10 got my 1st 4-H Loan. I showed these little Angus, for over 10 years. My Dad bought his first Angus bull in 1947. They were small, gracious cattle, little refrigerators with legs. You will see from the article as you look at the old Angus, how a Dexter would be my perfect choice.  I had Erica, Pride, Miss Burgess lines, which are the true foundation lines of Angus in 1940-60. Then they just bred out the traits I love for a large meat animal.


And after all this time they are going back to the beginning.
We raised a Hereford/cross beef, too much meat, not that tasty, for two people. I found Dexters at Bill & Dusty Kirkland - GRR-Green River Ranch.  I still prize these lines. I know that a Dexter is a Dexter, but I see Angus, especially in the carriers. All cattle had to come from some original stock-and I don't go back 1000's years and I am not a bovine genetics engineer and historian.


Dexters - I wouldn't have any other breed. You can afford to feed them, they are clever and they like people. No charging, throwing dirt, just a wonderful animal that comes up to be brushed and scratched under the chin.  The best meat ever, if you have to assist or doctor them, it is not a full-scale rodeo, it is just tying them up to the fence. I love small, stocky, smart, calm, trainable Dexters.  The Dexter community is also just the best bunch of supportive people. If I had a question, Gabriella Nanci or Evelyn Anderson, always answered the phone.  Looking back at old emails they answered every question and every plea for help. Hopefully, I have returned the favor by being there for anyone who needs help too.


The biggest plus is when they step on your foot, they only weigh about 700 lbs and you escape with only bruises!


Once there were few and now there are many, many Dexters and I think all of them are superior. It is a breed that has flourished and enriched many peoples lives by teaching them responsibility and the joy of owning and caring for this wonderful breed.

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