Apr 9, 2018

Proposed Bylaws as of April 9, 2018




Article I —Preamble

  1. Name/Location

The name of this Corporation shall be Purebred Dexter Cattle Association of North America (PDCA). Its principal office location shall be in any city or county as designated by the Board of Directors.

2. Purpose

The PDCA is a non-profit corporation organized to develop, improve, and promote Dexter Cattle as a breed. To this end, the PDCA activities may include, but are not limited to the following:

a. Recording and preserving the pedigrees of Purebred Dexter cattle, while maintaining integrity of the breed. This mandates the establishment and maintenance of a Registry.

b. Providing services for its members to enhance and encourage Dexter cattle ownership.

c. Support breed research.

d. Generate growth of PDCA membership.

e. Provide information and advertising of the Dexter breed.

Article II—Governing

A Board of Directors shall govern the Association. The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Vice President, and Area Managers with the President only voting in tie breaking situations.

2.2 The PDCA shall operate on a Fiscal Year basis—July 1 through June 30.

2.3 The Board of Directors of the PDCA shall manage the affairs of the Corporation and are empowered to act for the Corporation.

2.4 The Board of Directors, being the governing body, may contract with individuals to support other services such as Registrar, Editor, Webmaster, etc… Compensation shall be determined by individual contracts.

2.5 One person cannot hold more tban one position, whether staff or board position.

Article III--Membership

Any person, family, partnership or corporation owning registered Dexter cattle or having an interest in Dexter cattle is eligible for membership in the PDCA.

Article IV – Meetings

Meetings of the Board shall be held as needed but not less than once a year. All Board members are to be notified in advance. A quorum shall consist of 1/3rd of the Board members. Membership meetings may be called by the Board of Directors and held as needed.

Article V - Changes or Amendments

Changes or Amendments of the Bylaws shall be by a majority vote of the entire membership.

Article VI – Removal from Elected Office or Membership

Any Board or Association member shall only be removed by unanimous vote of the entire Board, excluding the member under consideration of being removed.

Article VII – Dissolution

The Association may be dissolved by a three-forth’s vote of all members requiring 30 days prior written notice with the final vote tally on the 31st day.

Apr 9, 2018


Article ll 2.5

I have problem with this. I am the webmaster and president. Conflict.

I think it's the positions of power that need to be isolated here.


A person holding the position of secretary, treasurer and registrar may not hold more than one of these positions at a time, or be serving on the board.

Apr 9, 2018


Article V

majority vote of entire membership?

NO WAY. the entire membership does not bother to vote - 30% is considered a good turnout.


Changes or amendments to the Bylaws shall be by voting approval of the membership.

Apr 9, 2018


Article Vl


"Unanimous" seems unnecessary and excessive

Omit Article Vl altogether and leave this in R&Rs?

Apr 9, 2018


2. Purpose a.

"maintaining integrity of the breed"

should this be the integrity of the "registry"

I think we need a mission statement here. One that has conviction and purpose, and drives all our decisions.

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