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"We wanted to raise our own beef, and maybe sell a bit locally to supplement our farm income.  We had researched different breeds of cattle and decided that seeing neither of us had any cattle experience, and we enjoy "different" or "rare" breeds, Dexter cattle seemed like a good fit." Read More

"I have always raised livestock, from AQHA horses, ABGA/IBGA Boer Goats and registered and commercial cattle. I've been involved with cattle most of my life, in our elder years, we wanted something easier to manage and heartier."  Read More

" I wanted a family milk cow for making my own dairy products but not a cow that gives so much milk that I don't know what to do with it all. Dexters are not known for less milk volume but higher quality." Read More

"SAFETY - Looking to build a multi-generational farm, we needed animals safe for all to work with so temperament and size were important.

EFFICIENCY: I don't think any other breed has a better weaning weight to cow weight ratio.

EASIER TO SELL: Their smaller carcass makes Dexters easier to sell a 1/2 or whole steer."  Read More

​"You can afford to feed them, they are clever and they like people. No charging, throwing dirt, just a wonderful animal that comes up to be brushed and scratched under the chin." Read More

" When one is considering the utility and value of a breed of cattle, attention often focuses on production numbers, carcass hanging weight, and quality for beef animals, milk volume, butterfat, and other considerations for dairy cows. People starting with Dexters often ask me, “What is the average hanging weight?” or “How much milk do they give?” In fact, rather than focusing on the short-term numbers, cattle people should be looking at what a cow produces over the course of her lifetime." Read More

​"I started out reading about heritage breeds of cattle because I wanted to raise my own beef. At the time I was a stay at home step-mom with a 100-acre farm we were taking care of/renting from my parents. We had horses and had been raising pasture broilers for a few years so I felt ready."  Read More

​" I had read about Dexters and liked the idea of smaller cattle.  In 2011, I saw an ad on Craigslist for 2 Dexter heifers and a Dexter bull up in North Mississippi. I went to see them  and fell in love with them instantly." Read More

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