About Tattoos and

Permanent ID Numbers

Tattoo letters
2017 = E

2018 = F

2019 = G

2020 = H

2021 =  J

It easy to understand why a unique Permanant Identification Number (PID) for each individual animal is important for accurate record keeping, but also in the event of a lost or stolen animal.

​ Genomics (genotyping) is great way to identify an animal on paper, but out in the field, something visible is needed to tell which cow is which.

Ear tags are a great way to easily identify an animal, but they tend to fade after several years or get lost, so should be considered only part of your animal identification system.

For permanent identification ear tattooing, hot-iron and freeze branding are the choices. Read more

The Dexter Cattle Journal recently included an article about freeze branding Read more

What do the Letters/Numbers mean?

The series of digits used can mean whatever you want. There is no hard set rule, so select a system that suits your needs.

A common way of identification consists of 3-4 digits.

One digit represents your herd/farm name

One or two digits represents the animal itself

One digit represents the year of birth

Example: A2E

A = Amazing Acres
2 = animal (could be the second calf born that year)
E = 2017